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The Basics

Where to Start 

Learn where to start once you sign up for a Thrift Store Website. 

Logging In Learn how to create new pages or move pages in your navigation area.
Control Panel Buttons Learn how to hide/unhide pages you don't want to use or while they are in construction.
Changing Your Template Learn how to change your websites template theme.
Basic Parts of a Website Learn about the various elements of our websites.
Edit Special Learn about the Edit Special function seen in your administrator menu.


About Web Pages

Creating / Moving Pages Learn how to create new pages or move pages in your navigation area.
Hidden / Under Construction Pages Learn how to hide/unhide pages you don't want to use or while they are in construction.

Copy (Duplicating) Pages

Learn how to copy pages for test editing or difficult layouts.


Edit Special Pages

Hours of Operation Learn how to put your Hours of Operation in your website.
Thrift Shop O Rama Widget Learn how to add your auctions from Thrift Shop O Rama to your site.
Add a News Ticker / Survey Poll (Multi Gadget) Add a News Ticker and / or Survey Poll on your website.
Contact Us Learn about the Map Feature and Form included in the Contact Us Page.
Spread the Word Learn how to use the Spread the Word Page.


Learn how to add events to the calendar. 


Learn how to add coupons to your website.


Learn about how to add files to your website. 

Form Page (Advanced) 

Learn about the Advanced Forms. 

Form Page (Basic) 

Learn about Basic Forms. 


Learn about adding a Guestbook to your website. 

Photo Album 

Learn how to add photos to your Photo Album. 

Redirect Page 

Learn how to use Redirect Page to link to outside sites in your Navigation Bar. 


Header, Footer & Common Content 

Add A Header Learn how to change the Header Area.
Add A Footer Learn how to change the Footer Area.
Add / Change Logo Learn how to Add or Change your Logo.
Common Content Area Learn how to work on your Common Content Area.



About Fonts Learn about the fonts and text sizes we offer.

Clean Up Source Code Tool 

Learn to clean up various fonts and sizes within the same page back to default values. 



Adding Images Learn how to add images to your pages.
Uploading Images Learn how to upload images.
Alt Tags Learn how to add Alt Tags to your images.
Resizing Images Learn how to resize your images.

Wrapping Text 

Learn how to wrap text around the images 



eMail Setup Learn how to create a new eMail address.
eMail in Windows Live Mail Learn how set up Windows Live Mail to collect your eMail.

 eMail Spam

Learn about preventing eMail Spam. 

Full Mail Box Error Message 

Learn what to do if you have a full mail box error. 

Android Phone eMail Setup 

Learn to set up your Android phone to receive your email. 


Admin Home

Site Statistics Learn about how to understand your Site Statistics.


SEO Tips

Website Page Titles Learn how to adjust your Website Page Titles.

Adding Keywords 

Learn how to adjust your keywords to help search engines find you. 

Meta Tags 


Meta Descriptions 


Meta and Keyword Analyzer 


Site Map Setup 


Alt Text 


Google Analytics 


Add Store to Google Maps 


Google Local Business Center