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Copy (Duplicating) Pages

Thrift Store Websites builder contains a quick and easy feature to copy page content from one page to another so you can test out new page layout ideas without changing the original, or you can also duplicate complex page layouts to quickly add new pages to your site.

Once in Edit Content area you will see the Copy Content in the bottom left of the screen.


To use the Copy feature start by creating a new blank page under the Edit Menu command and give the page a name and the necessary attributes. (You will need to come back and change the Page Title after using Copy Content.) 

Next, go to Edit Content and look down in the lower left corner for the Copy Content button.  Note the pull down menu list that lets you select the target page where the original content is located.

Select the original page to be copied and click on Copy Content to duplicate the content onto your new page. 

Click on Save Content and your new page is ready to edit as necessary.


Be sure to go to Edit Menu when your page is done and change the page title to the new pages title.  When copying content, it also pulls the websites page title.